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These are my travel essentials for any and every trip. Whether its a plane or a road trip, I make sure to grab these items each and every time!

Travel Essentials for Every Trip

For anyone who has travelled, you know how difficult it can be. If you don’t travel often it can be a bit stressful, especially figuring out what to pack.

As Caleb and I were planning out trips for the next three years –it’s really just an in-between-travel coping mechanism– we started talking about what we like to pack. We ended up putting ourselves together our own travel kits to have ready for every trip. Forgetting little things like toothpaste or face wash happens frequently, so putting together a ready-to-go bag should have happened long ago.

Our little travel kits are all set with the toiletries we need plus a few granola bars for the planes. They each are similar, mine just consists of a few “girl things”. We also threw in some items that are handy to have when traveling like laundry detergent, tide to-go, and face cleansing wipes.

During this we each also put together our “trip bags”. They are filled with the essentials we bring on every journey whether it is by car, plane, or train. Caleb has his own needs but…

Here’s what I bring:

1. Dry shampoo

I have a little baby size dry shampoo that fits right in my purse. I love having some on hand when I have a long journey to freshen up my hair. As someone with fine and naturally oily hair, this is an essential. Plus, this one pictured from Batiste smells amazing.

2. Lotion

My hands always feel dry, so I always make sure to bring some hand cream. This one here is called a Charity Pot, and was found at LUSH. It is a great travel size, and works wonders.

3. Passport Holder

A passport holder is very nice to have. This Kate Spade one is awesome because it has a bunch of slots for cards and cash. I like to put the cards I need in there and leave my wallet at home to free some space in my purse.

4. Tinted Lip Balm

Having a tinted lip balm is super nice for travel purposes. It gives you a little bit of lip color which is nice if you don’t plan on having a full face of make up for those 6AM flights, plus it doubles as a moisturizer. I am obsessed with these from MAC called TenderTalk lip balms. They will easily become a staple for you as well.

5. Headphones

Forgetting headphones is a real bummer. Planes have tons of people of course, and tend to be noisy. It is also very frustrating to not be able to watch anything if you have a long ride. Just throwing this out there – get DVDs with a digital copy. You can download them onto your mobile devices using just a code. I watch most of my movies while traveling, so I always make sure the digital copy is included.

6. A Pen

This probably seems so silly, but having a pen while traveling is super handy. You might not think about it, but there are times you will run into filling something out and wish you had a pen. I also like making lists and jotting down ideas, so I like to have one handy. Thoughts tend to slip into your mind when you are bored, and you never know what you will want to document. And, this Betsey Johnson one is adorable so of course its my favorite.

7. Sunglasses

If I forget anything, it is usually my sunglasses. Just last month we were in Florida, and I found myself wandering around the theme parks without them-big mistake. That’s why these are now safe in my ready-to-go bag of essentials!

8. Camera

Install mini cameras are a lot of fun to document trips with. They are perfect for journals, and it fits right in my purse. We have used our pictures as something fun to give our Airbnb hosts before, and it is always fun to look back at them. Other than Polaroids we always bring our SonyA600 along, and of course our phones to take photos.

So there is what my bag consists of. Other than these items, I usually bring whatever book I am reading along with an empty water bottle. Then, I am all set to take off!

What do you like to pack? I would love to hear!


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    I love this, dry shampoo is always essential! In love with your blog here, you should be so proud off all your hard work! x

    February 15, 2017 at 4:14 pm
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