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Change is a Good Thing

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We are in the process of moving—AGAIN. Shocker! Caleb and I seem to constantly be making changes. Whether its where we live, where we work, where we are going, or what we are doing, something is bound to change with us.

For some, constant changes are a bad thing, but for us we seem to thrive off of spontaneity and unpredictability. It keeps life new and exciting anyways. Why should it have to be a new year to make changes? We prefer to change with the seasons! Moving this month was completely unplanned, and wouldn’t have been our first choice but it will work out better for us in the long run. An up side to moving is we always get rid of a bunch of unnecessary belongings since that’s easier than moving it all! Ha!

Our relationship has never really been at a stand still. You may ask us what we are doing one day and a week later it has probably changed.

When big changes are happening it can be a little scary, which is why I think so many people avoid it. I know when both of us were transitioning into new jobs it was hard not knowing exactly how it would go. But just like with most transitions, it has worked out great for us and we couldn’t imagine still being in the same place we were a year ago. Opportunities are out there, and we choose take advantage of that.

Traveling is the same way. We feel that going to different places helps with our urges to pack up and leave. It gives our eyes something new to see, our ears something new to hear, and our taste buds something different to eat. When the restlessness starts creeping in we like to talk about our future trips—or just start planning a new one! :p We make it a goal, and tend to be okay with slowing down if it means we can save up for another trip.

Some things are just better not kept the same. It’s never that we are unhappy where we are, just that we avoid anything mundane. And that works for us. One day we may change our minds (hehe), but for now who knows where we will be next year!


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  • Reply Kim Gillard Pee

    I can either love change or hate it depends on how I feel, Loved this post a lot, I can really relate to it x

    October 29, 2016 at 11:27 am
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