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Costa Rica – A Pura Vida Honeymoon

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Our vacation was busy and full of adventures—and what better place than Costa Rica? Choosing a destination was not easy. We had so many ideas in our heads, and thought for sure we were going to Greece.

This small country offers an amazing variety of things to do, but it also happened to have the cheapest flight options. Alaska airlines started offering flights to C.R. which made it a super easy destination to reach for us. Just like that we had our flights and were getting our passports!

The Beaches

The beautiful Playa Conchal of Costa Rica. Further down this beach has course sand made of sea shells! Check out this post for all the hidden gems of Guanacaste!

Our trip started at the beach where we stayed in an awesome Airbnb beach house for 4 nights. We were in the western side of Costa Rica in an area called Guanacaste. The house we stayed at was great because it offered access to many different beaches. We were a walk away from Playa Conchal and Playa Minas (a private and local favorite), and a short drive away from Playa Flamingo, Playa Coco, and Play de los Pirates.

While we stayed our hosts gave us a ton of information about the area so we didn’t miss a thing! They are actually from Canada and spoke English (rather than the native language of Spanish), which made it so much easier for us. We opted to go horseback riding on the beach with one of their local friends.

Another one we visited was Playa Tamarindo. This is a cute little town, but there are a bit more people here due to it being more tourist driven. However, we got to go to their Saturday farmers market and get some awesome ice cream from our Airbnb hosts Kim & Tim which was a bonus!


Lolita Ink, Costa Rica

Our next destination was a tattoo artist near San Jose. We found her on instagram, and made the decision to drive an extra 6 hours to get to her. Man was it worth it! Never have we had a better experience. Our artist, Laura, built her tattoo studio right in her house. She and her husband we super welcoming and hospitable. We were there for about 6 hours, and they were kind enough to feed us dinner and drinks throughout our stay.

Aside from that, our tattoos turned out amazing. Laura is seriously talented and creates unique tattoos with a style you don’t see many other artists doing! Check out all of her work on her Instagram @lolitaink! She is incredible. I will be posting about this more in-depth soon!


The hanging bridges over the cloud forest in Monteverde. Check the link for more info about Costa Rica!

Our final destination was an area called Monteverde. This is our favorite place we stayed. It is the mountainous region of the country and it is gorgeous here. Again we were at an Airbnb house on a little coffee farm called Finca de los Gloria, which probably made this last part of the trip as amazing as it was. Our host was so kind it was humbling. She didn’t speak much English (nor us much Spanish), but she was patient and we found a way to make it work.

We were able to get a tour of her farm, which mainly produces coffee. For coffee lovers like us this was such an incredible experience! She does the whole process from growing, picking, roasting, and serving it to us each morning–we were spoiled with the best coffee we have ever had. We even got to taste some ripe coffee seeds straight from the cherry (basically a fresh “coffee bean”).

In addition to the farm we were able to visit the Selvatura Park, where we were able to walk through and cross the famous hanging bridges over the cloud forest. We also drove over to the Arenal Volcano (which happens to be illustrated in Caleb’s tattoo). That thing is magnificent!
We took home lots of her coffee and a ton of memories from these last three days.

Costa Rica was such an amazing place to experience. Whether for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or if you are backpacking across Central America, Costa Rica is sure to impress.

Have you been? Are you planning a trip? Keep an eye out for a future post on “Tips on Traveling in Costa Rica”!

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