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My October Must-Sees

I love October. I love Halloween. And, I love horror movies. You could say this is my favorite time of year! With an upcoming trip to Universal Studios Horror Nights, Caleb and I have been inspired to watch movies based on some of the haunted houses we will be encountering. Some have made it on to my list of current favorites (in no real order, besides number 1)…just in time for Halloween! Grab your cuddle buddy!

  1. American Horror Story – deserves the number one spot this year, i’m currently obsessed!
  2. Hocus Pocus – it never gets old!
  3. The Exorcist – I just watched this for the first time last week in preparation for Horror Nights, and it was way more freaky that I expected!
  4. Halloween-DUH.
  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas – it will always be on my list of faves.
  6. Saw – Definitely time to re-watch this disturbing franchise.
  7. The Nightmare on Elm Street – Don’t fall asleep!
  8. The Thing – YES.
  9. 28 Days Later – I am a sucker for zombies.
  10. Alien Trilogy – I was surprised to enjoy these so much!
  11. True Blood – I am ready for round 2.
  12. Stranger Things – it’s SO good!

There you have it, my fall faves this year. What are yours?!


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