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Disney in December

My first time (ever) at Disneyland, and it was truly magical. Honestly, they know how to put on an amazing trip.

One of the coolest things about going mid-December like we did were the celebrations going on. The park had so many festivities to offer: from Christmas decor (not your run-of-the-mill, per usual), to Season of the Force (you know, ‘cuz Disney and Star Wars are family now), and a blue castle for the 60th Diamond Anniversary celebration!


So you might be thinking, “hey, with all that craziness going on, were you actually able to walk around?”

Anyone who has ever been to Disneyland knows the people come in droves, and the strollers are in full attack mode (seriously, I will personally petition for stroller police).

Fortunately, the park wasn’t too crowded, so we made it to all of Caleb’s favorite, and my now favorite, rides a few times. We were lucky enough to have two of our best friends (shoutout to the Schmitt’s, whoop whoop), Caleb’s sister Cassie and her boyfriend Austin, and Caleb’s dad Rob there to enjoy this trip with.

Where it got started:

The day seemed pretty normal. Caleb’s dad actually had just made it to Cali, and met up with us right before Thunder Mountain (wildest ride in the wilderness!). Then, as per normal people might do in Disneyland, we trekked over to The Haunted Mansion.

A little backstory: this happens to be my favorite attraction, especially during the hlidays as it is transformed into The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of our favorite Disney movies).

Well we (be)headed (pumpkin king joke? No?) over, and because dark had fallen the Mansion was all lit up. Naturally, we all had the idea to take a picture in front of it since it was stunning, and who was I to object since I love it so much?

After a couple minutes trying to sort cameras out (because, you know, everyone of us has one), Rob, who had disappeared walks over. He told us that one of the cast members was going to let us take a photo in a better spot up by the Mansion.

I just laughed because Rob always talks his way into things. And rightfully so.

Anyway, we walk up, and they remove a rope and let us into a guest free area in front of the Mansion (lines rope off the carriage and steps we were now in front of Mansion).

Caleb and I are just standing there to take a photo (normal thing, so I thought), and next thing I know he grabs my face (literally) and spits, “You know that I love you right?”.

I answered with “Yeah” of course (since I do), but was confused about why he felt the urge to say that when we are trying to take a picture. But he keeps holding me, and asks a few more questions—this is when I finally had caught on.

It hit me. I was about to be asked to spend my life with the man of my dreams.

I look over at our group who all had their cameras pointed at us (pretty much our personal paparazzi).

Then look back and Caleb gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring (where did that come from?!) and asks me if I will marry him.

I was quite literally in shock and couldn’t speak for a moment so I nodded, then proceeded to say yes.

It was the most special moment of my life, and I couldn’t have been happier to have a few people that love us most there to share it with.

Then, to make it even breathtaking, the cast member allowed us all to go directly onto the ride, avoiding all of the other guests.


Then What happened:

Caleb became even more amazing by having dinner reservations to race over to!

We ate at the astonishing Napa Rose in the Grand Californian and had the most expensive dining experience of our whole lives. But well well worth it, we assure you.

It was incredibly surreal to be able to have a private dinner with just each other to celebrate our new engagement. I am still amazed that this was all kept secret for months!

Now we get to plan our wedding, which will take place in 2016!


Disneyland and getting engaged happened because we wanted it to. Not due to anyone but ourselves and the things we want to get out of this life.

So maybe 2016 can be that year for you.

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