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Charleston (Picture plenty!)

Finally, some time to write a post! We have been working our butts off since we got back. But we will come back to the topic of work. This post is about bringing the last day of our East Coast trip to a conclusion. We might be a little behind, but here it goes.

Our last full day was one well spent. We got to explore, and fall in love with, all of the beautiful city. Charleston was filled with so much to see. The cutest houses lining every street, amazing food, great shopping, and even a farmer’s market; couldn’t really ask for more!

We arrived downtown, parked the car, and started walking. We did not have any specific plans for the day so we just walked. And walked. When one of us wanted to stop somewhere, we stopped. It was really a great way to go, essentially exploring what we wanted, when we wanted. We started out looking around at the different shops.

One of our favorites was The Savannah Bee Company.

Savannah Bee Company, Charleston

We got to try several yummy honey samples, and beeswax products. We fell in a love with one of their whipped honey flavors, which is reccomended to add to coffee (I know right, SCORE!). When we checked out we also were able to “adopt a bee”. We paid a dollar and got to name our bee, and the proceeds go to help protect the bees! We were all about it, and spent about 10 minutes deciding on a name for the bee, which ended up being Willow.

Another place we loved was full of tea and spices. We enjoyed their vast selection of loose leaf teas, flavored sugar, and wonderful spices. They also had many samples, including pumpking cookies to try with their pumpkin spice dip and salted caramel sugar (YUM). Also a yummy iced hibiscus tea that was delicious, and a hot caramel pumpkin spice tea, which we ended up purchasing. It’s amazing! Can you tell we enjoy free samples?

Again, as we explored the area we saw so many amazing houses, and so much history! Many of the houses, like in Wilmington, had plaques on the sides telling you a little bit about it: who it belonged too, how old the house, etc. It was enjoyable to see a house you like and then be able to learn when it was built and why.

The smalles house in Charleston at 900 square feet.


Rainbow Row: A must see in Charleston

We also did a nice walk along the river. There were many cool houses lining this street as well. In one of these mansions someone was even having a wedding, and we could see the ceremony happening through the upstairs window. They all were unique in their architecture, and even their color! Here are just a couple of our favorites!

Big white house along the river


A big pink house facing the river


The Ravenel Bridge crossing over the Cooper River



We loved the green up the stairs

Another thing we enjoyed were the monstrous, heavily detailed and dated, churches. Many of them also had graveyards next to them which was really (albeit fairly creepy) cool to see. Many of the tombstones were dated back to the early and mid-1800’s. We also happened to pass the church where the shooting in earlier this year took place, named the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Nine people were killed in this shooting during prayer. The church was actually guarded by police, as we were visiting on a Sunday afternoon. They wouldn’t even allow pictures unless you were in a particular spot across the street (so, we don’t have any pictures of it).


The historical and haunted St Philips Episcopal Church.


The graves next to St Philips.

Many of the grave sites were for families or multiples. The Evans family below is a family of four buried together. By the close dates of their deaths, we assumed that they were hit by the common flu that plagued the United States in the mid 1800’s.

The Evans family grave.

“Our Children” grave.

We loved the Street Market and the Farmers market as well. The farmers market was much bigger than any I have been to in Spokane. There were lots of great fresh fruits and veggies, as well as tons of handmade foods and crafts.


Enjoying the farmers market! And another historical skyline to see.

We then checked out Liberty Square. This was a cool historical park where we got to learn a little bit more about Charleston.

  Along the way we got a few cool nature shots!

Garden Spidey in her beautiful web.


Little lizard.


Beautiful butterfly.


Finally, before we had to make the long journey home, we stopped at one more place: Folly Beach. This was a short distance away and a nice way to end our trip. We hit up the Black Magic Cafe to grab a coffee, then took to the beach. Now, these aren’t your typical beaches; white sand, clear, blute water, islands to look at, none of these attributes are present on the East Coast. Gray sand, murky waters, nothing on the ocean horizon, and lots of rocks are what grace those waters. We were still able to take a nice little walk, all while we searched for cool sea shells. We found some good ones (which now decorate our newest pets’ cage), and Caleb even managed to find some shark teeth!

Caleb just wanted some coffee.


Well that finally concludes our mini adventure! Thanks for reading!

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  • Reply Sade Ojuola

    so quaint and cute!! i love the colorful buildings…Charleston’s on my list!

    October 13, 2015 at 9:35 pm
    • Reply calebandbritt

      Yes! We loved it, and it’s definitely a must visit city in our books 😊 Hope you make it there one day!

      October 13, 2015 at 9:37 pm
  • Reply Moritz

    Very nice pictures! I had the pleasure to enjoy Charleston some years ago and absolutely adored it. It’s a loevly city 🙂

    October 13, 2015 at 10:29 pm
    • Reply calebandbritt

      Thank you!! Yes it is a beautiful place 😊

      October 14, 2015 at 4:40 am
      • Reply Moritz

        My pleasure 🙂

        October 14, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks for the follow. ..following you now. KEEP making life an adventure!

    Much love , light and blessings, Emma

    November 3, 2015 at 4:50 pm
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