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Caleb + Britt

So in the past couple days, we’ve been thinking: who are we?

I mean, we know who we are (or, partially; our trip will help us with that) but realized that no one else does. Why follow our journey around the globe if you don’t know anything about us? Uhh, you wouldn’t.

Thus, here we are.
I mean literally, here we are. Sitting at one of our new favorite places in little ol’ Spokane: Indaba Coffee. What everyone needs to understand, first and foremost, is that we love coffee. Like love. Seriously people. When you think of Caleb and Brittany from now on, you need to think coffee. What’s awesome about coffee is that it’s a perfect igniter of sorts; ignites conversation, which leads to plans, ignites plans which leads to actions, ignites actions which leads to life. Our plan to travel the world, while it started when we were young (we will come back to this), became a reality in a coffee shop. So if you ever want good inspiration, take a trip down to a local shop (visit Yelp if you need to find places near you) and just start thinking, talking, or even meditating. Who knows.

Alas, we’re getting off track. As I said before, a huge interest of ours is coffee. We are both currently working baristas (both at Starbucks, mind you), and always on a search for a good cup of coffee. What we find amazing is the variety and complexity of it. There are endless things to learn about your cup of caffeinated yumminess, so next time your sitting down with your cappuccino try thinking a little bit about whats in there. Then try the cappuccino at the next cafe, and see if you notice anything different. It’s a lot of fun comparing different cups!

Today, as we sat down for our morning cup, we began to talk about how we got to this point: ready to put our plan into action. Reflection is so great, we’re slowly learning (we’re slow learners, something you’ll become accustomed to), and when we do it together it leads to good conversation.

Our first discussion about where we wanted to go was in a coffee house called Chairs, back when we first met (2 years ago!). The topic (of traveling) came up a lot with us, initially, but we always wound up with reasons we couldn’t take our dream trips:

1. School gave us no time. 2. We were broke college kids. 3. Our jobs; can’t leave barista jobs behind 4. Apartment leases. 5. Pressure to stay near family/friends. 6. Leaving our animals (seriously, if you have a pet you know this is one hard thing about traveling!).

There are always going to be reasons why you should or should not do something. Period. With every decision this is the case.

But in the end, your interest should take precedent. For us, these interests have been built up ever since we can remember. And we have reached the tipping point at last; as in, our fascination, our curiosity, our informality finally gave in. There aren’t any reasons that our going to stop us from doing what we want, and what we know in our hearts’ is the right decision to make.


For Caleb, reaching this point was a journey in the making. I grew up with things associated with Asian culture: from video games, to TV shows, to movies, to games, to books, all of these media shaped who I am today. Two of the biggest things were video games and TV shows. Many of these happened when I was just a sprout of a man. I watched anime shows (Pokemon, Zoids, etc.) because I thought the characters looked cool; I played certain video games because they were fun. Yet all of these were imported from Asia (namely Japan). Nintendo is the biggest player in my life in the aforementioned avenue (notice the present-tense “is”), and they’re from Japan. Growing up with these little things inspired/created in an Asian culture certainly peaked interest from me for that continent/country.

And then when he grew up just a tad (he had some branches by this point) a little game called Fifa was introduced to me. Do you know what a game that incorporates a vast amount of countries on this Earth does to someone? It introduces. That’s all it takes, really. An introduction, of sorts. For me, him was the global phenomen known as “football” (soccer for us Westerners). Now, a few years (seven at this point, I think?) and soccer matches later, you have an guy with an unfathomable passion for English culture. It’s the top place on his list, all from a silly game.

The point is, really, that you need something to spark interest in things. Things you may not even know, at the time, but will become something later on. Even if you don’t think you’re open to new things (hard not to be if you want to travel, honestly), something can come along and change that. The littlest things matter in shaping you, as a person, and that’s incredible and frightening all at the same time. Why settle for boredom when you can have excitement? Why satisfy for the same old place when there are millions of acres to explore in this splendiferous world?


Open yourself up to new elements, say food for starters, (Caleb hated romance movies for the longest time; while I hated anime) and you will see something magical happen, not just for you and yourself, but for other people around you. It’s contagious; an infectious disease. There also isn’t a known cure, so once you’re contaminated, good luck going back to a “normal” style life. Want to know a secret? The easiest and fastest way to warm to new, dangerous, stunning things is to “just do it.” Hmm. Sound familiar? It should. There is no such thing as disappointment in life; no, this only happens if let it. Which, by golly, is the opposite of doing something. So go do something. Like us. If we can do it, you totally can too.

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